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Get Ahead 2023: Academic Skills, Maths and Stats


Who we are and what we do

The Academic skills team are here to support your academic skills development, as well as providing specialist help with mathematics and statistics.

Throughout the duration of your time at LSBU, the team will be available to teach you about:

  • Developing good reading practices
  • Planning and structuring an essay
  • Thinking critically and incorporating evidence
  • Adopting an appropriate writing tone and style, including good use of grammar
  • Giving a good presentation


Activities to help you get ready for university

Use the link below to access a selection of materials designed to help you learn what to expect from university life and introduce you to the essential skills you will need to succeed. These mini-modules will be available to you all year round should you ever want to refresh your knowledge.

Maths and Statistics Resources

  1. Exam Solutions

    Recognised as a leading provider of maths help. Free online video tutorials in Maths at GCSE, AS and A-level standard.

  2. Corbett Maths

    Provides a series of worksheets and video tutorials in Maths GCSE and A-level.

  3. Maths Centre

    Produced by the Sigma network.

  4. Maths e.g

    Produced by Brunel University.

  5. Khan Academy

    One of the best channels for students to study from.

  6. 3 Blue 1 Brown

    The best channel for mathematics after you learn it in school. Be aware, your head will hurt sometimes but it will be worth it!

  7. Eddie Woo

    This man is a legend! If you still think maths is boring, it's because your teacher isn't Eddie Woo.

  8. Professor Leonard

    The Eddie Woo of complicated maths.

  9. Mind Your Decisions

    This fun maths channel offers weird problems to think about every week or so.

  10. Matt Parker - Stand up maths

    A bit geeky but also fun.

Contact information

  • Email: Contact Library and Learning Resources on MyAccount or
  • Office location: Level 3, LSBU Hub

Student writing with pen and paper

Blackboard with chalk equations.