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Get Ahead 2023: Information Skills

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Who we are and what we do

As you progress through your studies, you will be set tasks that require you to find, evaluate, analyse and discuss information in increasingly complex ways. 

The Information Skills Librarian team support your academic development in each year of your course by teaching you skills and practices as you need them throughout your learning journey.

Specifically, we help you to:

  • Locate and use specialist information sources
  • Translate questions into search terms and strategies
  • Compare and contrast different types of information
  • Credit existing information sources according to a referencing style
  • Understand how the use of information is relevant beyond your degree programme

Check out our how-to guides

The Information Skills Librarian team will see you regularly throughout your degree programme to teach you the skills you need to succeed at each level, so don't worry about trying to learn all there is to know about finding and referencing information now!

Two people working together on laptops.However, you might like to explore some of our how-to guides for more in-depth tips on elements such as evaluating information, referencing and plagiarism and subject-specific databases.

Make the most of libraries!

You'll get an opportunity to visit our library spaces when you join the University in September, but feel free to look through our web pages and get a feel for everything we offer now!

Public libraries are a wonderful free resource offering access to spaces and alternative collections. Even if you are living in London or nearby temporarily whilst you complete your degree programme, it's worth joining a local service!

Click the links below to find out more:

As a member of LSBU, you will be able to access the SCONUL (Society of College, National and University Libraries) scheme, which gives you reference access to participating library spaces all around the country - perfect for if you live elsewhere and choose to go home for holidays!

You must apply for SCONUL access online BEFORE visiting any other library. Click the link below to find out more!

You can read more about using other specialist libraries using the link below:

Contact information

  • Email: Contact Library & Learning Resources on MyAccount or
  • Office location: Level 3, LSBU Hub

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Student working from a computer in a library.