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Enhanced Content Lockdown Libguide: Help for Learning Online & Tips for Working Remotely

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Library and Student IT Support

The Library and Student IT Support can help you work remotely by clicking on the following links:

Perry & Havering Libraries

Student IT Support

Workstation Set Up While Working From Home

When working from home, it is important to ensure your temporary workstation is set up safely and comfortably.

The following advice will help ensure that your workstation is set up safely:

  • ​​Position your laptop or device at a comfortable height and distance directly in front of you, preferably on a solid surface, and avoid slouching or leaning forward
  • If possible, adjust your seat height so that your arms are roughly at right angles and your forearms are horizontal
  • Use a footrest if your feet are not flat on the floor after adjusting your chair height (Improvise with a stack of books, if necessary).
  • Make sure your lower back is supported. If you need more support, try using a folded towel or cushion between your back and the backrest of the chair
  • Keep your wrists in a neutral position, not excessively flexed up or down
  • Adjust your monitor height so that the top of the screen is roughly at eye level. You can use a box or books if you don’t have a laptop stand
  • Use a separate keyboard and mouse if you have one available
  • If the screen is difficult to see, try adjusting its angle and brightness to best suit the environment you’re working in

Taking regular breaks is just as important as setting your workstation up correctly. It is recommended that you stand up and move around for five or ten minutes every hour.

Software for Home Working

Click here for useful Software when working from Home.

How to study at home during the Covid-19 outbreak

Read what the Open University, the Times Higher Education or The Guardian have to say about how to study effectively from home. 

Student It Support Help Sheets

Click here to access all the Student IT Support Help Sheets

Make use of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learniing has a wealth of online resources. For example, have a look at this LinkedIn Learning Course, it may have some useful tips:

Learning with your Mobile Device

Click on the link above to view the whole Course or, if you're not sure yet, watch the first video in the Course below.

Accessing LinkedIn Learning as a LSBU Student

To be able to access all of the learning materials on LinkedIn Learning free of charge as a LSBU student you will need to log in to the site via the organization route.  The steps for this are:

1.  Search for LinkedIn Learning which will take you to this page:

2.  Click on the Sign in with your organization account link as highlighted in the image on the right

3.  As shown in the image below, enter your username with at the end.

4. You will then be requested to enter your username and password, after which - on the first time accessing the site - you will be asked some basic setting up questions.

5.  Once you have completed these questions you will now have access to all of the material
on LinkedIn Learning.