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Library Orientation Havering 2022 - Printing MFDs: Home

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Stop 5

Printer (MFD)

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning (MFDs)

What you need to know...

You can use our multi-functional devices (MFDs) to print directly from one of the Library PCs or from your own device.


First, add some print credit

To print documents you must add print credit to your account. You can do this:

  • online
  • by visiting your library's Help Desk or
  • at Self-Service machine next to the Help Desk

More information about printing and prices can be found here. Remember to check whether you require colour or black and white copies as this will change the cost! 

Only top up according to what you think you will need/use as unfortunately we cannot refund you any money left on your account or transfer it across to purchase anything else


Printing from your own laptop

You can print from your personal devices by connecting to the wifi and then uploading your document on the Web Print service. 


Releasing a job from the printer

You can release your printing from any MFD on campus using your LSBU username and password or your student ID card – you will need to register your card on the printer the first time you print. The next time you access the printing service you will only need to tap your ID card to logon, then follow the on-screen instructions.


Photocopying and scanning

All of our devices are multi-functional, meaning you can also use them to photocopy and scan materials. You still need print credit to make printed copies. Scans will be sent through to your LSBU email address.

The code word for this stop is...

Code word stop 5: "desert"

Your next stop...

Follow the route marked on the floor to Stop 6 - Computers.

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