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Library Orientation Havering 2022 - Study Zones: Home

Silent Study Area & Pod

Stop 3

Havering Study Pod

Silent Study Area and Pod

What you need to know...

Our libraries are divided into different zones so that you can choose an environment suited to the type of studying you will be doing at any given time.

Silent study space

We have one silent study space designated at the far end of the library with purple seating.

Silent study zones are for when you want to study alone - no sound, no phones, no whispering.

If there are students talking in this space please come to the help desk and let us know so we can direct them to a different study space. These areas get very busy during exam times.



The Pod needs to be booked in advance online. You can book a maximum of 2 hours a day and it is for silent study only. 

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The code words for this stop are...

Stop 3 codewords: "a country"

Your next stop...

Follow the route marked on the floor to Stop 4 - Book Stock.

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