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Lambeth College LRC - Our Spaces: LGC LRC

LGC Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

Welcome to the LGC Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

We can support your studies with:

  • group, quiet and silent study spaces,
  • desktop computers,
  • headphones to borrow,
  • our book collection in the LRC and our electronic books and resources on this website,
  • our team, who can help you with library information and finding the books and resources you need for your study skills.

Where can you find us?

  • You can find the Learning Resources Centre and Library at our Clapham Common site in the S Block, 3rd Floor, room 330.
  • We also have a small book collection with study spaces at our Brixton Campus in room B104.

LRC Study Spaces

When you come into the LRC, we have:

  • Group Study Zone with PCs, which is a large oval room when you enter the LRC. In the Group Study Zone, it’s fine to talk and discuss with your fellow students and to use your phone. Please still be respectful of other students working nearby.
  • Quiet Study Zones without PCs behind the book shelves and with PCs opposite the book shelves and the library desk These zones are for individual work or in pairs rather than group work; please keep any talking quiet and don’t use your phones.
  • Silent Study Zone with PCs and desks in the centre of our space—this room is only for individual work in silence. Please don’t talk or use phones in that room.
  • Teams Zone, with PCs equipped with headphones and webcams, is opposite the Silent Study Room. This room is for students who want to use Microsoft Teams to join their online class and communicate with their teachers and LDCs. Please be respectful to your fellow students by keeping your noise to a minimum level.
  • Group Study Rooms: these rooms are reserved for study only. You need to book one of the group study rooms if you want to use them. Please click the button below to book one of the group study rooms.

Book a Group Study Room

Can I borrow books and a headphone from the LRC?

  • Yes, you can borrow from our book collections. Please bring the items you want to borrow and your student ID card to our IT Support and Library Helpdesk, or you can use the self-service machine.
  • You can borrow up to 6 books (items) at any one time.
  • Headphones are loaned for a day only and must be returned 15 minutes before LRC closing times.
  • All books (items) are loaned for 3 weeks initially.
  • After 3 weeks, your books (items) will be renewed automatically, and you will receive an email with your new return date. If the books (items) are not requested by other students.

Can I borrow a laptop from the LRC?

Laptop lending is suspended until we receive instructions to resume lending the laptops to students.

LRC Self-service MachineLibrary self service machine

You can use the self-service machine, which is located at the Group Study Zone to:

  • borrow books (items),
  • return books (items),
  • see on loan books (items), and
  • see overdue books (items).

To borrow books (items):

  1. Press Borrow
  2. Scan (touch) your ID Card Barcode by placing your ID card barcode facing up on the shelf where green circle is
  3. Place the books (items) on the Shelf
  4. Press Done
  5. Press No or press Print Reciept

To Return books (items):

  1. Press Return
  2. Place the books (items) on the Shelf where the green circle is
  3. Press Done
  4. Press No or press Print Reciept

To see your account what you have on loan or overdue books (items) :

  1. Press Account
  2. Press Hold to see the books (items) you have reserved to borrow
  3. Press On Loan to see how many books (items) you have brrowed
  4. Press Items Overdue to see the books (items) that are overdue to be returned
  5. Press Fined/Fee Items to see the amount of fine and the detail of the books (items) that are long overdue.


Lambeth College students receive £5 printing credit at the start of each new term (i.e., September, January, and April).

Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are available throughout the college. These allow you to print, scan, or photocopy. If you forgot your ID card, you can still print your work by logging in using your college ID-Number and password on the printers.

There is a charge for printing and photocopying if you run out of your free print credit. Please top up your print credit on the Print Credit Kiosk machine.

To top up your print credit:

  1. Scan your ID card on the RFID reader (Red colour pad)
  2. Inset coins or notes e.g., 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 or £5 (please note: no change given)
  3. Press Done

Printing costs


Black & white

  • A4 5p for one side page or 8p for doubled sided
  • A3 10p for one side page or 18p for doubled sided


  • A4 15p for one side page or 28p for doubled sided
  • A3 30p for one side page or 56p for doubled sided

Reminder information to note

If another student has requested a book (item) you have on loan, then you will receive an email asking you to return it. Please do this so the item can be shared fairly with everyone who needs to use it.

Our emails will be sent to your college email, so please check that regularly.