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Lambeth College LRC - IT Support: Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips

Cybersecurity has never been more important, and cyber threats continue to evolve. Here are our top tips for keeping secure in today's digital world:

  • Use up-to-date antivirus on your personal devices.
  • Download all software and operating system updates as soon as they are available, so that the latest security fixes can be applied.
  • Keep your password secure and update it regularly. Never share or tell anyone your password!
  • Ensure all your devices have passcodes. Be aware that synching between devices means there are multiple ways your data can be accessed.
  • Avoid sharing confidential information on storage devices that you could lose, such as USBs. If you must use a portable storage device, ensure it is encrypted.
  • Lock your PC when walking away from it. It only takes a second for others to access your accounts!
  • When you are in college, use our secure Wi-Fi network, 'eduroam'. If you use public Wi-Fi networks, follow this guidance on using them securely.
  • Log off or shut down your PC when you have finished with it. This enables security and operating system updates to be downloaded and installed.



Common Cyber Security Problems

The National Cyber Security Centre provides advice for dealing with common cyber problems:

  • I have been hacked. How do I recover my account?
  • Should I pay a ransom to unlock my computer?
  • My username and password have been stolen.
  • I might have malware on my device.
  • I've received a suspicious email, call, or text.
  • I am worried that my banking details have been stolen.

                            National Cyber Security Centre

                            Cyber Security Awareness Video

Further Helps and Information

You'll find more advice on the Cyber Aware website, which is the government’s website for how to stay secure online.

                            Cyber Aware