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Lambeth College LRC - Our Spaces: Code of Conduct

LRC & Digital Spine Code of Conduct

LRC & Digital Spine Code of Conduct 


Student ID Card and Temporary Pass

  • Keep and Display your Student ID Card or Temporary Pass at All Times (this is a College requirement)​.
  • Show or hand over your ID Card or temporary pass to any member of staff immediately when requested​.
  • Lending your ID Card or Temporary Pass to a student or non student of the College will result in disciplinary action​.

Note: The ID Card and Temporary Pass remain the property of the College and are lent to you to allow you access to the buildings. ​Failure to do so will be dealt with under the college disciplinary procedures.

Respect, Courtesy and ​Responsibility to Others​

  • Treat LRC staff and fellow users with respect and courtesy.
  • You are required to allow others to work and study without interruption or disruption​.
  • Students are expected to respect each other, staff and all others in the College.
  • Racial, sexual and homophobic harassment will not be tolerated.​
  • Aggressive or violent behaviour shouting and/or use of aggressive or inappropriate gestures will not be tolerated.​
  • Threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.​
  • Demeaning, abusive, indecent or offensive language or comments that discriminate on the basis of sex, race or any other irrelevant distinction will not be tolerated.​.

*Such behaviour will result in an immediate ban from all services and will be dealt with under the college disciplinary procedures​.

Using the IT Facilities

  • Use of another user's account or allowing others to use your account is not acceptable.​
  • Students should not tamper with hardware or software, including the introduction of viruses.​
  • Students are not to play computer games.​
  • Unplugging any PC in the IT area in order to plug in your laptop, phone charger etc, is not allowed.​
  • Students are not allowed to move furniture​.

Health and Safety​

Leave the Library immediately if the fire alarm sounds. You should not stop to collect your belongings.​

  • Eating and drinking​
  • No Eating​
  • No Drinking*​

*You may drink bottled water.​


  • Respect other users; help to maintain the study environment.​
  • Conversations must be kept at a low level​.
  • Personal music players may be listened to at low volume and must not be audible to others. ​

Use of Mobile Phones​

  • Phones should only be used in the Group Study Zone​.

Library Transactions​

  • Library books must be returned at the end of your course or when they are reserved by other borrowers – we’ll email you if they are reserved​.
  • Laptops must be returned by due date.
  • If items aren’t returned this will lead to your account being blocked from future borrowing.
  • You will need your College ID Card to borrow items​.
  • You may not borrow items for another student​.
  • Please make sure all the items that you are carrying have been properly issued to you before leaving the LRC.