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Mini-Module: How to Use Academic Vocabulary

Why Academic Vocabulary? (3) Page 3 of 11

The five reasons for using academic vocabulary are down the left side of the table below, and on the right are some examples of what this means in your writing.

The five reasons for academic vocabulary
Reasons Examples
Don't say more than you can. Hedging / Caution
Show you care about your work. Have credibility. Spelling, punctuation, presentation
Things are complicated, try to be clear - for you and the reader. Complete words / Full sentences / No slang / Technical terms / Linking
Try to be universal. Use 3rd person / Objective / Generalisable
Say what you mean.  Choose your.words carefully


How much can you remember?

Drag the blue boxes on the right to the correct empty box in the middle. (If you prefer, there is a text-based version of this activity at the bottom of the page.)

Text-based version of the above activity.