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LLR Service Status: Updates

Password Reset for all LSBU student IT accounts

From Thursday 9th November 2023

In order to continually improve the University’s IT security and system reliability, all students are being asked to reset their passwords over the next 2 weeks.

Please refrain from resetting your password until you are prompted to do so. Resetting it early may result in having to do it a second time.

From Thursday 9th November, when you go to login to one of your LSBU platforms, you may be prompted to reset your password.

Students are being invited to do this in groups, so you may not be asked until next week or even the week after.

Remember when choosing a new password:

  • At least 15 characters long 
  • Contain both upper and lower-case letter, e.g., a-z, A-Z
  • Have at least one number, e.g., 0-9
  • Have at least one punctuation character, e. g,!'%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~ 
  • Be memorable for you, but difficult for someone to guess.
  • Do not use a pound (£), dollar ($) or hashtag (#) symbol as this is incompatible with LSBU platforms.

Once you have reset your password, you can access your email and Microsoft accounts as usual.

If you have followed the instructions but are experiencing problems changing your password, please contact Student IT Support for further assistance.

Registering attendance

Via myLSBU

There is currently an issue with some students not being able to check-in and register their attendance using the myLSBU app.

If this problem is affecting you, please ensure that you take the following steps:

  1. Try to check-in for each session. This must be within 5 minutes before the start and not later than 20 minutes after the start time.
  2. If you cannot check-in, ensure that the lecturer is aware of your presence and records your attendance, either on paper or electronically.
  3. Fill in this feedback form to let us know what problem you are experiencing with check-in:

Attendance feedback form

Please note: You will not get a response, the form is just to gather the information.

If you have any other IT queries, please do get in touch with Student IT Support

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.


Problems viewing your timetable?

Some students are unable to see a personal timetable at present. The timetable team are aware of this and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. 

If you don't have any timetable or don't know where you should be, then please come to one of our library help desks where the team will be able to provide you with a course timetable and get you started attending sessions. 

Our libraries and help desks

If you have already got a timetable and know where you should be, you don't need to do anything else. Missing timetables will appear once this issue is resolved.

New Students - Setting up IT accounts

Once you have completed your enrolment, you will be sent an email with your LSBU email address, username and a temporary password. You must change that password before you can access your accounts.

Follow the instructions on our Password webpage.

If you have not yet received your email address and temporary password or it does not work, please visit our help desk in the library on all campuses or get in touch with us via MyAccount, live chat or telephone.

Eduroam on Apple Devices

Some students and staff member with Apple devices (Apple Mac or iPhone) are unable to access the eduroam Wi-Fi on campus. If you have used eduroam at another University or College, this may be the cause.

Follow the guidence on our help sheet: Troubleshooting Apple Device access to Wi-Fi eduroam

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