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Our Libraries: Southwark Campus Library

Southwark Campus Library

Southwark Campus Library - LSBU Hub

This library is situated on our main Southwark campus within the LSBU Hub.

It contains book collections for all subjects as well as extensive study spaces and bookable group study rooms.

There are PCs and Macs to use, plus laptops to borrow.

For printing, there are Multi-function printer - scanner- photocopiers on every floor. We also have two plotters available for printing plans, drawings and posters.


Help Desk - Level 03

Library Services

Staff at our help desk are available to help you with any enquiries related to your library account and borrowing from the library.

They can also assist with finding books and resources in the library and online.

Student IT Support

This is also provided by help desk staff, so if you have an problems accessing your LSBU IT account, we can help. If we can't resolve the problem directly at the help desk, we will refer it to the relevant team.

We can also help with Microsoft Office and Teams, downloading software, printing and connecting mobile devices to wi-fi and email. 

Further Help and Support

Borrowing and returning items

Borrow a book or DVD, using the self-issue machines situated on levels 02 and 03 of the library.

Holds - If you have come to collect a 'hold' item, you will find it on the Holds Collection shelf to the left of our help desk on Level 03.

Interlibrary loans can be collected from the help desk once you have received the email to say it has arrived.

Return your books and DVDs via the book sorter situated to the right of the help desk on level 03. Interlibrary loans should be returned to the help desk.

Further information about borrowing resources from our libraries.

Borrowing a Laptop

Laptops are available for students to borrow from the self-service laptop cabinets on level 03.

You can borrow a laptop for up to 10 hours at a time and must return it at least 15 minutes before the building closes.

Make sure to plug it in correctly when your return it or you might incur a fine. See instructions on site.

Fines are £2 an hour if late.

LSBU Hub Library - Opening hours

Keyworth Centre - There are self-service laptops available here too - open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm

Please note: Laptops are pre-installed with software including Microsoft Office and AppsAnywhere. All laptops are wiped and restored automatically every time they shut down so please ensure you save your documents to a Cloud service such as OneDrive, or send a copy to your student e-mail address before you turn the laptop off and return it.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Students can use Eduroam Wi-Fi network. Enter your LSBU e-mail and password to connect.

Alumni and visitors can use our visitor Wi-Fi. Select LSBU_Guest from available networks on your device, sign up and follow the instructions - access is for 24 hours at a time.

For further information, see our help sheets

Group study rooms

We have a number of group study rooms of varying sizes to fit all your needs.

Each room has a large screen monitor. Simply connect your laptop up and use the screen to share your ideas with your classmates.

There are also a number of group rooms available in the Keyworth Building.

See the description of each room on the booking site.

Book a Group Study Room

Assistive Technology Rooms (ATR)

In the LSBU Hub Library we have four Assistive Technology rooms. 

Assistive Technology Room Location
ATR A Level 03
ATR B Level 03
ATR C Level 03

Level 02

Equipment includes webcams, height adjustable desks, assistive mice and keyboards, footrests, document holders, scanners and headsets.

Students must be registered with the Disability and Dyslexia Support (DDS) service in order to book these rooms.

Book an ATR Room

Further information about library services for students registered with DDS


We have a wide range of stationery including pens, pencils, note pads, folders and plastic wallets, which can be purchased from our help desk.

Please note we only accept card or electronic payments.

Stationery Price List

Alumni and visitors to the Library

There is a dedicated area for Alumni to login on level 02. Please ask at our help desk in order to register to use these PCs.

As a member of LSBU Alumni, you can borrow up to five books at a time, free of charge. Use your Alumni card to take books out at the self-issue machines in the library.

Join LSBU Alumni

Further information for LSBU Alumni visiting the Southwark Campus Library

We offer members of the public the opportunity of Visitor Membership. For further information and to sign up click below.

Library Visitor Membership

Further information for visitors to the Southwark Campus Library

Breakout rooms and student kitchens

There is a breakout room and a student kitchen on level 02 and level 03. 

These spaces provide places for students and visitors to relax and take a break from studying. You are welcome to eat hot food here, where the smell won't cause a nuisance to other students.

Each kitchen has a sink, microwave and hot water to enable students to prepare their own food and drinks.

Please make sure to leave the spaces clean and tidy for other users.


You said...we did!

Food and drink

There are 2 places to buy food and drink in the LSBU hub so that you don't have to go far for a break from your studies.

The Refectory

On level 0 you will find the main campus Refectory, serving hot and cold food for breakfast and lunch.

You can get a light breakfast and drink for £1 and a hot or cold lunch  with a drink for only £3.50.


Costa Coffee

On level 01, you will find a Costa Coffee with all the usual drinks and snacks.

There is plenty of seating at both these venues, plus in the areas around the building. You are free to bring food from outside to eat in these areas, but outside of the library itself.


Finding your way around

Click on the map to see it full size. 






 level 02






 level 03


Finding Books

When you have found the book that you want in our online catalogue, make a note of the 'class'  or shelf number. Use the shelving reference on our maps and also below, to see which area of the library you will find it. You can view and download our Southwark Campus Library subject browsing guide A-Z below.

LSBU Hub Subject Browsing Guide A-Z


You can also watch this video tutorial that shows how to search for and locate a book in the Southwark Campus Library.

Study zones

Silent Study - When you want to study alone - no sound, no phones, no whispering. There is a silent study room on levels 02 and 03

Main Study Space - You can study alone or with friends. Please respect other users of the library and keep noise to a minimum.

Group Rooms - Study with a group of friends or classmates. Please remember to respect other students though, this is still a study space. Please leave the group rooms clean and tidy when you leave.

Breakout Spaces - If there are no group rooms available, you will find spaces throughout the LSBU Hub, where you can study or relax with friends. These spaces are outside of the library and are therefore ideal for taking a break from your studies and consuming hot food.


Print Credit

You can top-up at our help desk on level 03, at the Self-Service points throughout the library or online below.

You can print, photocopy and scan from all multi-function devices (MFD) on campus.

Please note we only accept card or electronic payments.

Top up print credit

 Further information on printing, scanning and photocopying.

Printing, Copying and Binding

You will find multi-function devices (MFD) on every floor of the library. These MFDs can print, scan and photocopy.

Printing & Photocopying Prices

(Black and White)

  single sided double sided   single sided double sided
A4 5p  8p A4 15p 25p
A3 10p 18p A3 30p 55p

There is no charge for scanning.

Further information on printing, scanning and photocopying.

Training Rooms

There are several training rooms in the LSBU Hub Library which are used to deliver training to students. Workshops and training sessions are held in these rooms by all our teams: Librarians; Digital Skills, Skills for Learning and the Customer Services team.

The training rooms are situated on levels 01 and 03.

Workshops and Training calendar

Student lockers

Lockers have been provided for students on level 01 and level 0 of the LSBU Hub. There are a variety of sizes and some lockers also have power sockets so that you can charge your devices while you take a break.

Set your own combination to secure the locker. Instructions are provided on posters next to the lockers.

If you have any issues with them, please speak to the Reception staff who are responsible for these lockers.

You said...we did!

Southwark Campus Library - LSBU Hub
100-116 London Road


Tel: 020 7815 6607

Digital Skills Centre

Located on level 01, to the left of the entry barriers, is the Digital Skills Centre.

If you are looking for help with using Microsoft Office, Moodle or managing your files, get in touch with the team. 

The team also provide self-study qualifications in Microsoft Office and Adobe software for visitors and alumni.

Find out more on the Digital Skills Website.