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Accessibility: Website Audit Strategy

Accessibility Statement Audit Strategy 2020 

We have completed a sample audit of our webpages. When choosing the web pages to sample these factors were considered: 

  • Webpages containing essential information and services 
  • Webpages with different types of content including forms, tables, checkboxes and search boxes 
  • Webpages created by different contributors 
  • Frequently visited webpages 
  • Common user journeys when visiting the website 

We tested: 

Our main website/platform, available at 

other parts of the website, available at,,,, 

Top Up Print Credit: 

This accounts for 30% of our current published content.


Methods used to audit the accessibility of these webpages: 

Automated testing using, WAVE and ANDY browser extensions, were used to test the accessibility features of each web page.  

Hemmingway App to check the language levels of the written content of the webpages. 

This has been complemented with manual keyboard and screen reader testing.