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Resources Page for Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is important at UK universities because it is seen as a key to evaluating what you read and hear and, therefore, is essential for forming and defending your own points of view. On this page there are materials to help you with critical thinking. 



A video recording of tour online workshop "Critical Thinking (UG)"

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A video recording of our online workshop "Critical Thinking (L6+)"


Becoming a Critical Thinker.




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Download the Critical Thinking (UG) Workshop Presentation   

Or view the presentation here:


Presentation for Level 6+

Download the slides 

or view the presentation here:




Critical Thinking Mini-ModuleFollow our step-by-step interactive short course to learn all about critical thinking and how to put it into your writing.

Critical thinking Lesson: Try out this interactive introduction to critical thinking.


Levels of Critical Thinking. Learn about the levels of critical thinking with this interactive game about Bloom's Taxonomy. It will help you to judge your own writing.


  Logical fallacies: Practise identifying the common mistakes people make in arguments.


Three types of writing: Are you using DescriptionAnalysis, and Evaluation? A vital skill for critical writing!



Download Files:

HowTo GuideThis has lots of useful information about critical thinking and how to write critically. [pdf]

Compare Level 5 to Level 6 Writing. See an example to show the differences between the two.

Fallacies: A guide to some of the common mistakes in arguments. [pdf]

Useful links:

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme A set of very useful guides to help healthcare students with critical reading.

Open University Open Learn (especially Sections 3.1 , 3.2, and 4.) 

Hong Kong University
A lot of interesting material here.

Plymouth University Learning Development
A very good Critical Thinking Guide with examples. [pdf]

Sheffield University
Very nice interactive guides, including Criticality. [Opens in new window]

Mini-Module: Critical Thinking  
Our own Skills for Learning interactive guide to critical thinking 

Study Skills Quick Tips: Critical Paragraphs (Audio)
An episode of a podcast about critical thinking. This one is all about how to write critical paragraphs. From Manchester Metropolitan University. [Opens in new window]


Reading critically:

Open University

The main points about being critical and quick questions you can ask.

Manchester University - Escholar

An interactive guide to being critical.

Mini-module: How to Read Critically

Our own interactive guide to reading critically.


Manchester Academic Phrasebank:

The phrases you need to write critical analyses.

Skills for Success Mini-module: Critical Writing

Our own interactive guide to critical writing.  

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