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Business and Management: Books and E-books

Class numbers for Business and Management

Books about the same subject are assigned the same class number (or class mark or shelf mark) number.  You'll find the number on the spine of each book. Here are some key business class numbers to get you started with searching for books (use the library catalogue for further help):

The majority of Business Management books can be found at 658 onwards.

The following subject areas may be useful to you as well:

Accounting and Finance  657

Economics  330

Corporate governance  658.4

Human Resource Management  658.3

International business  658.049

Marketing  658.8

General business  650


Library Discovery Search

Search includes books, journal articles and e-resources

Reading Lists Online (RLO)

Reading lists are composed by your lecturers.  The lists will include the books, journal articles, websites, podcasts, programmes etc. that your lecturer wants you to read or watch.  These can be online materials that you can sign in to access.  If they are print materials available in the library, the list will link you through to the library catalogue.

There should be a reading list attached to each of your modules.  It will usually appear on the right of your module, on Moodle.

Click on the module title to access your list.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the Reading Lists database here  From here you can search for a module name, a module code, a keyword, or an academic.

Academic skills in Business


Making Sense: A Guide to Research and Writing by Margot Northey and Joan McKibbin (Class number: 808.042)


Professional writing : the complete guide for business, industry and IT by Sky Marsen (Class number: 808.066 MAR)


The business student's handbook : skills for study and employment by Sheila Cameron (Class number: 650.071 CAM)


Study skills for business and management students by Paul Ramsay, Pat Maier and Geraldine Price (Class number: 650.076 RAM)


Academic writing for international students of business by Stephen Bailey (Class number: 808.02 BAI)


Critical thinking skills : effective analysis, argument and reflection by Stella Cottrell (Class number: 153.42 COT)


How to think strategically: your roadmap to innovation and results / Davide Sola and Jerome Couturier (E-book only)


EBSCO ebooks Academic Collection

EBSCO Ebooks Academic Collection 

This multidisciplinary collection contains approximately 200,000 e-books covering a large selection of academic subjects, and features e-books from leading publishers and university presses. Description based on publisher website.



Ebook Central

Ebook database where you can read ebooks online, download titles, and print page ranges from the thousands of ebooks available.

(Once you've clicked on the above link, click on to get into the database)


E-book LibGuide

Link to E-book guide

See our E-book LibGuide for support using e-books.