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Laptop and notebooksWelcome to Skills for Success: Academic Skills

The Academic Skills Team in Skills for Success helps students succeed in their academic journey. We offer many services and we have lots of useful online resources. Here's what we offer on our webpages.




  1. Top Tips: Need quick answers? Our Top Tips section provides concise information and links covering a wide range of essential skills. From time management to effective notetaking, you’ll find practical advice—all conveniently located on a single page.
  2. Mini-modules: Dive deeper into specific topics with our mini-modules. These detailed resources offer expert guidance on everything from research techniques to critical thinking. Perfect for those seeking in-depth knowledge.
  3. Workshop Videos: Prefer visual learning? Our workshop videos cover various academic skills, including essay writing, paragraph structure, and academic vocabulary. Watch at your own pace and gain valuable insights.
  4. HowTo Guides: Looking for quick reference materials? Our downloadable HowTo Guides provide concise tips, examples, and strategies for mastering academic skills. From citing sources to improving your writing style, these guides have you covered.

In addition to the online services, we offer may other useful services. 

Other Services

  1. Feedback on Your Writing: Want to find out about your writing skills? Send us a page and we’ll provide constructive feedback on academic writing skills such as organization, grammar, and style. While we won’t proofread or edit your work, we’ll offer practical suggestions for improvement. To get feedback, email your page to or submit it via MyAccountSpecify your inquiry’s nature and include assessment criteria, and you could also highlight the section you’d like us to focus on. Remember, we don’t guarantee last-minute fixes or predict assignment outcomes.
  2. Drop-ins: You can ask us questions about all the academic skills, such as writing, critical thinking, time management and so on, or about English language. Picture of a drop inThese sessions are either online or on campus, and no booking is required - come any time during the slot and stay for as long as you need. Drop-ins are held in the Study Skills Hub on Level 3 of the LSBU Hub, or join us on Teams if the session is online.
  3. Study Group Support: Collaborating with peers? Invite a member of our Academic Skills team to join your study group. Whether in person or via Microsoft Teams, we’ll assist you in achieving your study goals.
  4. Ask A Question: If you have a specific question, log an enquiry through MyAccount or email us at We’ll provide a written reply tailored to your query.
  5. Academic Writing Course: Ready to master academic writing? Our six-week course covers the “what,” “why,” and “how” of writing for university assignments. Join us and elevate your writing skills. Check the Calendar for upcoming events. 
  6. One-to-One Meetings: Sometimes, personalized support is essential. If you’re still seeking answers after exploring our resources, contact us and we’ll arrange a 30-minute one-to-one meeting—either online or on campus—to address your specific concerns.


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