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Fashion Promotion: Newspapers and Current Awareness

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London Fashion Week - what is the value of fashion? 

Vogue has a history of the origins and show that have made up its recent history

What is the value of fashion ?

 2018 British Fashion Council released some data about London fashion week including
20,000 cups of espresso served and 200kg of Lavazza coffee consumed!

For information on the Impact on social media see the
 Blooming Flower conversation project which has some interesting visualisations
Direct value of the UK fashion industry to the UK economy was calculated as nearly £21 billion in a report commissioned by the British
 Fashion Council published in 2010
The Creative Industries website also has data. these include value of UK fashion reports
General employment and regional
 trends for all the creative industries.
On a global scale
 Mckinsey offers reports in to the international fashion industry trends

What about the negative impact of fashion?

WRAP has revealed the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment. 
The valuing our clothes report 2017 revealed that '1,130,000 tonnes of new clothing was purchased in the UK – an increase of 200,000 tonnes since 2012. Fashion in the UK lasts an average of 3.3 years before a garment is discarded.'
WRAP has started an industry sustainable textiles campaign
Other negative areas include: the wages and conditions of workers. The 
Clean Clothes campaign has details of conditions in developing countries
Common Objective arose from the Ethical Fashion Forum and discusses ethical practices and campaigns from members in the fashion industry. It includes some interesting reports on the global impact of the fashion industry

The Guardian: Fashion

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