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Where are the Film books?

The catalogue record for each title will give you the Class Number of the book, how long you can borrow it for, and whether it is Available (ie. on the shelf).  Use the library map to find the correct floor and zone.  The books are arranged in numerical order. Signs at the end of each bay of books let you know the class number range for that bay.


Key shelf mark numbers for Film

Books about the same subject are assigned the same shelf mark (or class number or class mark or shelf mark or call number).  You'll find the number on the spine of each book. 

3rd floor of the Hub, Zone C

070   Documentary film making

302.231   Social media

3rd floor of the Hub, Zone E

384.8   Hollywood and the film business

2nd floor of the Hub, Zone M, N, and P

778.5   Cinematography

778.535   Film editing

791.43019   Film, psychological aspects

791.430232   Film production

791.430233   Directors

791.43028   Film, acting

791.43094   European cinema

791.43095   Asian cinema

791.43096   African cinema

791.433   Animation

791.436   Film adaptations

791.43615   Science Fiction

791.43616   Horror

791.45   Television

2nd floor of the Hub, Zone Q

808.23   Screenwriting

You can search for e-books in the library catalogue

Below are a selection of Film e-books

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See our E-book LibGuide for support using e-books.

Reading Lists Online


To find your reading lists for your modules go to one of your module pages on VLE (Moodle) and look for the following box on the right-hand side. 



reading list box in moodle


Alternatively, you can go straight to the Reading Lists Online 

From here you can search for a module name, a module code, a keyword, or an academic.