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undefined Your reading list should be the first place you go to look for books. They can be found on your Moodle module sites.  You can search the Reading Lists database here
From here you can access the library catalogue to see if the book is available.  If it is available as an e-book, you can access the online version here too.  undefined


The Library catalogue

If you are searching for a particular book, type in the author's surname and a few words from the title.  Note: the search box will not recognise abbreviations or punctuation.  If you are searching for books around a particular subject, eg. urban regeneration, type these keywords into the search box.

The catalogue record for each title will give you the Class Number of the book, how long you can borrow it for, and whether it is Available (ie. on the shelf).  Use the library map to find the correct floor.  The books are arranged in numerical order. Signs at the end of each bay of books let you know the class number range for that bay.

You can search for e-books in the library catalogue

Below are a selection of Politics e-books

Key shelf mark numbers for Politics

Books about the same subject are assigned the same shelf mark (or class number or class mark or shelf mark or call number) number.  You'll find the number on the spine of each book.  

320.1    The nation state

320.3    Comparative government and politics

320.441    British politics

320.5    Political ideologies

320.6   Public policy

320.8    Local government

320.94    European politics

321    Systems of governments & states

321.4    Pure democracy

321.5    Elitist systems

321.8    Democratic systems

321.9    Authoritarian systems

322    Relation of state to organized groups

322.4    Political action groups

323   Civil & political rights

323.1    Civil rights of non-dominant aggregates, political rights of nondominant aggregates

323.3    Civil and political rights of other social aggregates

323.4    Specific civil rights; limitation and suspension of civil rights

323.5    Political rights

323.6    Citizenship and related topics

324   The political process

324.1    International party organizations, auxiliaries, activities

324.2    Political parties

324.5    Nomination of candidates

324.6    Election systems and procedures; suffrage

324.7    Conduct of election campaigns

324.9    Historical and geographic treatment of elections

325   International migration & colonization

327   International relations

327.1   General topics of international relations; spies

327.2    Diplomacy

328   The legislative process

328.2    Initiative and referendum

328.3    Legislative bodies

Study Skills for Politics

You can find many books on academic writing, writing for essays, dissertations, research etc. in the library.  Here are a few to get you started.

Politics Trove

During the ICT disruption, if you need to access Politics Trove please contact us.

Politics Trove

Politics Trove is an e-book database covering UK, EU and global politics published by Oxford University Press.

You can read books online, print pdf chapters, and create a personal account that includes a bookshelf and note-taking options.

This resource is funded by the School of Law and Social Sciences.

EBSCO ebooks Academic Collection


Ebook database where you can read ebooks online, download titles, and print page ranges from the thousands of ebooks available.

(Once you've clicked on the above link, click on to get into the database)

Erskine May Online

Find Your Way

Find Zone C

Books 005.73 - 331.78

The hyperlapse video below shows you how to get from the entrance of the LSBU Hub building to the main Politics collection in Zone C on Level 03.