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Discovery how-to guide

Refining your Results

The "Refine your results" section,  which appears on the left side of the results page, contains a list of categories. By including and excluding these categories (such as Publication Date, Resource Type, Show Only and so forth), you can narrow the search results to get the results you seek.

refine your results

Scroll down to see the description and explanation of some of these filters and categories.



Filter Category Description 
Sort by    Relevance  Lists your results based on relevancy to the keywords entered. 
Date-newest  Lists your results from newest to oldest based on the publication date.
Date-oldest Lists your results from oldest to newest based on the publication date. 
Title  Lists your results alphabetically from A-Z based on the title of the item (e.g. book title, journal article title, dvd title)
Author Lists your results alphabetically from A-Z based on the author's surname.
Show Only Available Online Displays items in digital formats such as e-books, magazines and journal articles available as full text. 
Peer-reviewed Journals  Displays only articles that are published in scholarly/academic journals.
Open Access  Displays items published with open access 
Held by library Displays only items from the libraries` physical collections such as print books and DVD
Resource type  Articles  Displays articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, books and more.  
Newspaper articles 
Reviews  Displays records of book and journal article reviews.
Book Chapters 
Newsletter articles 
Books  Displays all items that are in print book and eBook formats such as text-book, fiction books and other. 
Conference Proceedings 
Reference entries 
Text Resources 
Market Research 
Government Documents 
Archival Material/ Manuscripts
Research Datasets 
Library LSBU Hub Library Located at LSBU`s Southwark Campus see this page for opening hours and campus address.
Croydon Campus Library Located at LSBU`s Croydon Campus  see this page for opening hours and campus address.
Havering Campus Library Located at LSBU`s Havering Campus see this page for opening hours and campus address.
Location  Locations indicate places or collections within a particular library. It is advisable that you make a note of the class numbers for the items you find in the library. Sometimes these locations are not labelled and displayed in our libraries and on the shelves but are usually used by the library staff. 
Author  This could be an author, writer, creator, director, composer or editor. Persons` names are displayed as Surname followed by first name initial
Publication Date This is the date of publication or release of the work. 
Subject  Subjects in Discovery are pulled from multiple databases and indexes. Consider selecting all relevant subjects to filter. 
Language  Language categories are determined based on full-text language.  With academic journal articles, it is common to see their title and abstract translated into English, but the full text remains in the original language. In this case, it would result in that article being grouped in its original language.