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Discovery how-to guide

Simple Search

simple search




*to replicate the search in the image click here (opens in a new window.

In Discovery, type one or more words in the search box and select the Search icon or press enter. If you enter multiple words, Discovery returns results that contain all the specified terms.The simple search is useful for running a general search to see what resources are available in the library search. A simple search likely produces a large number of results. However, refining your results using the filters on the left hand side would help you to limit your search to a subject, publication type or date. See page on filtering your results to learn more about it. 


A simple search is also a quick way of finding 


  • a book  that you already  know the title or the ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • a journal that you already know the title or ISSN  (International Standard Serial Number)

type the number or the title and if available, it would appear on top of your search results see examples below:


Book Example: Lets say that you are looking for a book with the title "Principles of Marketing" . You can type the book title in the search box and search. As it shown below your top results will be the books that contain those words in the title. 

book search with title



Search Scope

search scopesSelecting Your Search Scope

The search scope defines where the system should perform the search. Our default, predefined search scope is "All Resources". However, you can change the scope of your search by selecting a search scope from the drop-down list. 



Scope  Description
All Resources Searches all physical and electronic resources/databases owned or subscribed by the LSBU Library.
Physical resources This scope finds resources and publications in physical formats, such as hard-copy books and journals or DVDs. When this category is selected, it is possible to see some electronic resources also. This is because the system merges identical items with multiple formats under a single record. This is useful as it will show the print copy location and provide a link to the electronic copy if available in the same record.
Electronic Resources Items found in this scope are in electronic format such as eBooks, online journal articles. 
Beyond LSBU This enhances the search by returning results from a global central index. In this scope, in addition to LSBU`s own and subscription resources,  you would likely find resources from external databases that are unavailable with full-text access. You may be able to request these items from the library within the system by looking at the records page of each item.