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BCIS Online and Rates Database



This option allows you to forecast the cost of a building. It will save time if you have a clear idea of the sort of analyses you are looking for before using BCIS. It’s often best to start with relatively loose criteria to discover how many buildings in the BCIS databank meet these constraints and then, if appropriate, make your criteria more specific.



1) Click Analyses on the left-hand side menu



2) Click on a Building function category, e.g. 100 Utilities, civil engineering facilities.


3) Select one or more building functions from those displayed and click Close and apply.


4) Under Age of analyses, select from the drop-down list the start date for your analysis. The system includes analyses from 1975 and defaults to 8 years ago.


5) Click on Next (the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen) to go to the Building specification page where you can refine your results further:


6) Once you’ve completed the building specification criteria, click on Next at the bottom of the screen. The Rebase option allows you to adjust prices according to date and location.


7) The number of results will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click on the link to view the results.


8) Results will be displayed in summary format. Click on the title of a work to view the detailed record.

9) On the results screen at the top there are options to refine your results further.


10) Under Calculate is a summary of statistics for the selected analyses


11) Under Download you can select which analyses to save in a range formats e.g. PDF, CSV or XML

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