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BCIS Online and Rates Database


Adjustment of Rates

6) On the next screen you can adjust the rates. If you have determined that the level of pricing relevant to your estimate is, for example, 10% above the rates shown, you can put in a global adjuster of 1.1.

Similarly, applying an adjustment of 0.9 will produce a 10% reduction in the rates.

7) If you need to make a more complex adjustment, select Adjustment selection. You can then build up an adjustment which takes into account Location, Inflation, Contract Value or your own levels of Preliminaries, Overheads and Profit.

8) In the screenshot below, a location has been added and the adjustment has changed from 1 to 1.09.                                                                            9) Once you’ve finished making adjustments, or if you don’t need to make any, click on Next.