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Mini-Module: How to Write Good Paragraphs


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You probably have some questions about academic paragraphs - maybe you have asked yourself some of the questions in the animation below. 

This mini-module should answer all your questions.

You can go at your own pace, either working your way through step-by-step, or by selecting the section you want to do next from the Menu on the left.   

At the bottom of each page you will see buttons to go back to the previous page to go on to the next page.

Transcript of the video:

  • What is an academic paragraph?
  • Is there a fixed structure you can follow
  • How is it different form a normal paragraph?
  • How can I write better paragraphs
  • Why do we need academic paragraphs anyway?
  • How long should a paragraph be?
  • How do I know when to finish a paragraph?