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Mini-Module: Preparing for Exams and Online Exams

Online exams: Location

Prepare the location of the exam in advance, and also try to do your revision in that same location.


Revise in the same location as the exam

Parts of the room and the things in it will remind you of what you have read and thought.

Specific sights, sounds, and smells are very effective at reminding you of what you were doing, thinking or feeling on previous occasions when you experienced those sights, sounds, and smells.


Prepare the ground in advance

Let people know where and when you will be doing the exam – that way they won’t disturb you. 

Photo illustrating a comfortable location for doing an exam.

Make sure you are going to be comfortable in the exam space:

  • Choose the best seating for you,
  • Prepare your computer, check your connection, put plans in place to deal with computer problems (for example, try to arrange a backup computer).

Collect up the supplies you might need during the exam, such as...

  • pens and paper,
  • water and snacks,
  • calculator,
  • your notes and lists of sources to use,
  • use post-it notes to mark places you might need in books and paper.

You don’t want to be wasting time doing this during the exam. 



Now see how much you remember.