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Technical Indexes: Construction Information Service (IHS)

Searching the Construction Information Service


1) There are two options when searching by keywords: All terms and Exact phrase. The default setting is ‘All’ which will find all of the search words in any order.


Alternatively, you can browse content by Subjects, Publishers, Series, New Legislation or Sustainability, by clicking on the relevant link on the blue vertical menu on the left-hand side.


2) You can filter your results in a number of ways – by Publisher, Published date, Series, Added to service or Interest. If you like, you can also save and/or export your results to an Excel spreadsheet.



3) You can switch between a Table or Document view by clicking on the View menu in the upper right-hand side corner  from the filter, save and export options.


In the Table view you can sort results by Year (Latest or Oldest), Title, Series or Publisher by clicking on the small arrow next to the category.

In the Document view you can sort the results by selecting a category from the relevance drop-down menu.

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