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Westlaw Edge UK

Creating Alerts

Whichever kind of material you set up an alert for, you will need to:

  • Give the alert a name
  • Select a delivery method, eg. email
  • Select the frequency of the alert

You can also customise your alert depending on which triggers you want to be notified about, eg:

  • Receive notification for when the Case Digest is available for new cases.
  • Receive notifications when the case has been cited by another case.
  • Track journal articles or other secondary sources that mention the case




The Alert Centre

Get to the Alert Centre by clicking on the alert icon above the tabs.  From here you can:

  • Create an alert
  • Re-run a saved search
  • Pause an alert so that you do not receive notifications
  • Manage your alerts


Westlaw UK training: creating and managing alerts video