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Box of Broadcasts

What is Box of Broadcasts (BoB)?


This off-air recording and media archive service allows LSBU students/staff to watch, record and search for past and upcoming TV and radio programmes that can be accessed on/off campus from PCs, tablets or smartphones within the UK only. 




  • Over 2 mio. programmes broadcast since the 1990s
  • All BBC, ITV and Channel4 channels as well as Freeview, e.g. Dave, Viva, Yesterday, Sky News
  • Foreign language TV channels, e.g. Al Jazeera
  • Programmes already in the archive can be watched immediately, and future programmes can be saved permanently in the BoB archive for repeated viewing
  • Watch any programme recorded by other users
  • Programmes remain available to record up to 30 days after being broadcast and recordings can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance
  • Create clips, make and share your own named playlists of programmes
  • Access subtitles for most TV programmes and rolling transcripts which make the spoken content searchable
  • Transcripts  or visual thumbnails to jump to the section of a programme relevant to your research
  • Content can be embedded in the Moodle VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and shared on social media
  • One-click citation for easy academic referencing