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Box of Broadcasts

Embedding in Moodle (VLE) | Academic Staff


You can embed recorded programmesand clips from Box of Broadcasts, into your Moodle (VLE) site.

1) Go to your chosen programme on Box of Broadcasts. Click on Share and then click on the text in the Embed option to select it. Copy the code.

2) Login to Moodle (VLE), navigate to the module and section where you want to place the video.

3) Ensure that the editing mode is turned on.

You can embed the video directly into the section. Create a page on which to place it with other resources or add it to an existing page.

4) To place a video directly into a section: Click on Add an activity or resource and choose Label. Select Add. Select Link.


5) Paste the code that you copied from Box of Broadcasts into the Enter a URL field and click Create link. Select Save and return to course.

6) The video will appear directly in the section.

7) To create a new page for the video and other resources: Click on Add and activity and resource and choose Page. Select Add. Ensure that you complete all the sections marked with in red with an exclamation mark In the Page content section, add the link as detailed above.


8) To embed a video in an existing page: Click on the Edit icon to the right of the page you want the video to appear on: Click on Edit settings. In the Page content section, add the link as detailed above.