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Box of Broadcasts

Watching/Requesting a programme


1) To view the calendar of programmes, click on GUIDE on the top menu bar.


2) Scroll through the days and times shown on the guide. Select a day. You can go back/forward in time and scroll down the  page for more channels. Alternatively, click on SEARCH in the top menu bar to search for a specific programme.

3) Programmes currently being broadcast/just finished will show as Available soon. Click on the programme title for further information and to request an email when it is ready for viewing.

4) For programmes not yet broadcast or previously requested you can make a request by clicking on the Request programme link. A new window will open. Click on I’d like to watch this and you will be sent an email when it is ready for viewing.

5) Many programmes will be Available to watch now. Click on the programme title and a new window will open.

6) The programme will show at the top of the screen. Click ADD TO PLAYLIST and add to a new or existing playlist, if you like. You can SHOW/HIDE TRANSCRIPT. By clicking on words/phrases on the transcript you can jump to specific sections of the programme. A programme synopsis is available as well as details of the director and cast. You can copy and paste a citation into your work. Please check that this is in the correct format for your course and edit accordingly. Return to the Guide at any time by clicking on GUIDE on the top menu bar.

Online Tutorials

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