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Mini-Module: How to Use Academic Vocabulary

Some Key Tips Page 10 of 11

Keep in mind these key tips to give you a head start in your academic writing.

AsteriskIn general - Short words in English are vague but OK for chatting etc. – Longer words are often more technical and precise.

AsteriskKeep your reader in mind – what kind of words do they expect you to use?

AsteriskPay attention to presentation – spelling mistakes, typos, wrong words, slang – can all give a bad impression. 

AsteriskBe cautious (“Hedging”) – choose words carefully so you don’t say more than you mean.

AsteriskTry to use clear and precise language that helps the reader to understand you.

AsteriskIn academic writing, evidence builds persuasive arguments, so be careful about using words that just give your personal feelings about something. (“Believe me because I’m angry” versus “Believe me and here is the evidence”)