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Staff Guide to Reading Lists Online

(Optionally) Embed your Weekly Sections in Moodle

Elsewhere we showed how to embed a link to your entire reading list into the appropriate Moodle site.

If you have added weekly or topical sections to your reading list, you can also (optionally) embed these individual sections into the appropriate parts of the Moodle site for deeper integration.

Students will no longer feel that they are leaving Moodle to see their weekly reading, which will instead by presented seamlessly to them within its natural Moodle context. 

First, you need to have created a reading list with weekly or topical sections in Reading Lists Online that match the sections of your Moodle site.

Without closing Reading Lists Online, open a second tab in your browser, go to Moodle and log in there using your LSBU username and password.

From the Moodle dashboard page, click site catalogue.

In the search bar type the name or code of your module and press enter.

Click on your course in the search results – your module site should now open.

Once you are sure that the Moodle site and reading lists are identically structured you can begin linking them, as follows –

Turn editing on in the top right of the Moodle site.

Scroll down to the relevant Topic or Week.

Click add an activity or resource – a new window will appear.

In the left hand column, select Weekly readings and click Add

Type the section name (e.g. Week 1 reading) in the text box next to Activity Name – this will add a subsection within your selected course section

Select Save and display at the bottom of the page.

It may ask you to authenticate at this point. If so, click to continue. Log in using your LSBU username and password.

In the page that opens, click the option that says The List.

In the drop-down menu that then appears, choose which section of the reading list you want to link to Moodle. In this case, Week 1 reading.

The preview window should now display that section of your reading list.

If you are not logged in to Reading Lists Online, it may ask you for authentication at this stage. Click Log In

Select Save to complete the linking.

To check whether the linking has been successful, first turn editing off at the top right of the Moodle site.

Then go to the Moodle side menu, and select Course Home or the relevant section.

The Moodle section should now contain a link that takes you to the section of your reading list.

That’s all there is to it.

If you are happy, you can now use this procedure to link each of the sections of your Moodle site to the corresponding sections of you reading list.

You can of course later remove or change any of the links if you wish.

To do this, first turn editing on at the top right of the Moodle site.

Scroll down the Moodle site to the relevant section, and click on the link to its reading.

Then go to Relink? and select click here.

To link a different section of your reading list, go to The List and select a different section on the dropdown menu, and continue the process as before.

To unlink a reading list entirely click the X next to the list name. If you wish, you can search for an alternative list in the text bar.