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Refworks, how-to guide

See Below for Updated Instructions, 2023

Installing the citation add-ons Citation Manager and Write-and-Cite

Installing a citation add-on on your own device allows you to have a direct connection between RefWorks and the document you write no matter whether you use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This means that you can insert intext citations taken from RefWorks into your working document as you go along.

For Word 2016 and above, Install RefWorks Citation Manager directly into Microsoft Word via the Word Store. 

1) Sign into your London South Bank Microsoft 365 account online.

2) Open a new document in your online Microsoft 365 Word program

3) Click on RCM, located at the top of the page

4) Click on RefWorks citation manager.

Write and Cite

For older versions of Word, add Write-and-Cite. 

1) First go to the Tools section that comes up when you click on the icon with the gear at the top of the page.

2) On the following page, you can now choose to install the Microsoft Office or the Google Docs citation add-on depending on what you use.

Using Write-N-Cite for in-text citations: Make sure you click on the RefWorks add-on in Word or Google Docs and sign in to RefWorks. In Word, make sure you set the correct citation style, i.e. Harvard referencing at LSBU.

On the left hand side, you have an ‘Insert citation’ icon, which you can click on whenever you want to insert an in-text citation into your document. Click on the ‘Insert new’ option.

A new window will now appear with your folders on the left hand side. If you click into one and then click on the reference you want to use, this reference will be highlighted and you will get a preview of the in-text citation. Once you click on the okay button the citation will then be pulled into your word document.