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Refworks, how-to guide

Create your in-text citations and Reference list in RefWorks

When you are ready to add your in-text citations and/or your full reference list, you do so with the "Create Bibliography" function in RefWorks. Quick Cite allows you to copy in your in-text citations and Create Bibliography allows you to copy over your full reference list. 

In-text citing

You can create in-text citations to be inserted in your assignment in RefWorks by going to the Create Bibliography link and clicking on ‘Quick cite’ in the drop-down menu.

It will then prompt you to set the citation style you need. Once you have a citation style, such as 'Harvard referencing at LSBU', click on the 'Continue' link. 

Then select the reference you want a citation for. Copy the citation that then appears and paste it into your Word document.

Creating a reference list

Exporting a Reference List from RefWorks

In order to create your reference list in RefWorks, select the references that you want to add, then go to the icon that shows the quotation marks and click on ‘Create bibliography’ in the drop-down menu.

Make sure the correct citation style is selected before you export the list. You might have to go to the drop-down list of citation styles at the top and then either select the correct one if it is displayed or search for it, e.g. Harvard referencing at LSBU, and then select it. Once the reference list is displayed in the correct citation style, you can click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ link and then paste it into your Word document.