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LSCS Digital Skills Centre content 2023

Digital competence is a combination of the level of skill, attitude and knowledge with which you approach the use of technology in order to perform tasks, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and manage information. Your level of digital competence is also reflected in the way that you create and share content effectively, appropriately, securely, critically, creatively, independently and ethically.  

In our information society, the basic attitudes, strategies, ethics and knowledge about digital information, communication, production and safety overlap across all areas of our lives. They influence our studies, work, home, families, interests, consumption and friends whether it is as a student, employee, employer, citizen, service provider or consumer. 

Self-Assessment Tool

Digital competence is not just about having access to and using technology, but the ability to using the technology in meaningful ways in your everyday life, learning and work.

The Digital Competence Wheel is a free online testing tool which supports the development of digital competences. You can carry out your own Digital Competence online here. This will take around 15 minutes to answer a series of questions.

The Digital Competence Wheel infographic