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LSCS Digital Skills Centre content 2023

Being Digitally Competent is a pre-requisite for living, learning and working in the 21st Century. 

Your Digital Development

Digital competence is a combination of the level of skill, attitude and knowledge which you approach the use of technology in order to perform tasks, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and manage information. Your level of digital competence is also reflected in the way that you create and share content effectively, appropriately, securely, critically, creatively, independently and ethically.

I am a

Digital Novice

I am unsure how to use technology (mobile phone, online shopping, downloading apps, email).

I sometimes feel anxious, bewildered, uncertain, confused and uncomfortable when using technology. 


I am Digitally


I can use basic software and basic technology and I am self-taught. I sometimes feel uncertain, overwhelmed, frustrated, slow and hesitant when using technology.

I want to build my confidence in the use of basic software and technology and become more efficient.

I am a

Digital Achiever

I can use the right software to support and enhance my studies.  I am becoming comfortable with technology and understand its value.

I feel I am efficient, self-reliant, assured and capable in my use of technology.