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Reach Higher Programme: Maths and Stats

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Maths and Stats resources

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Our Maths and Stats Team specialise in providing support to improve your mathematical, numerical and statistical skills.

Below we have prepared a list of useful resources recommended by the team:

Useful resources recommended by our Maths and Stats Team:

  1. Exam Solutions.- recognised as a leading provider of maths help. Free online video tutorials in Maths at GCSE, AS and A-level standard.

  2. Corbettmaths.- provides a series of worksheets and video tutorials in Maths GCSE and A-level.

  3. Maths Centre - produced by Sigma network.

  4. Maths e.g. - produced by Brunel University

  5. Khan Academy -  one of the best channels for students to study from.

  6. 3 Blue 1 Brown - the best channel for mathematics after you learn it in school. Be aware, your head will hurt sometimes but it will be worth it.

  7. Eddie Woo - this man is a legend! If you still think maths is boring, it's because your teacher isn't Eddie Woo.

  8. Permutations & Combinations by Eddie Woo - another video from Eddie Woo to make maths exciting.

  9. Binomial Theorem by Eddie Woo - more from the master of maths.

  10. Professor Leonard – the Eddie Woo of complicated maths.

  11. MindYourDecisions - this fun maths channel offers weird problems to think about every week or so.

  12. Matt Parker - Stand up Maths – a bit geeky but also fun.

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