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LSBU Library's Summer of Learning 2022

Supporting students moving from level 4 to level 5 and from level 5 to level 6 of undergraduate study through summer learning activities.

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Copyright - why is it important?

Any time you want to copy or share another person's work - something that you do a lot when you write essays and assignments! - you need to consider copyright law.

Copyright can seem complicated, but respecting the rights of other content creators is paramount and protects you from plagiarism and legal infringement. Work through the short game below to learn about copyright and how it affects you as a student and a professional.

Test your copyright knowledge--The Game is On!

(A curiosity created by

Join Sherlock Holmes as he assists an author with a very peculiar problem. 

  • Watch the video below
  • Read the case files
  • And see if you can answer our copyright questions

The Case Files

Read each case file to learn how copyright affects screenplays and other creative works. 

  1. Case 13: The Multiple Rights
  2. Case 14: The Missing Manuscript
  3. Case 15: The Dream Job
  4. Case 16: The Pantages
  5. Case 17: The Typewriter
  6. Case 18: The Purloined Letters


Ready to test your superior copyright knowledge?

Click on the image below to get started. 

You simply need to type "yes" or "no" to each question. Good Luck!

Keen to learn more about copyright? Check out our how-to guide for lots more information!