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LSBU Library's Summer of Learning 2022

Supporting students moving from level 4 to level 5 and from level 5 to level 6 of undergraduate study through summer learning activities.

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Filtering out Fake News

Are you trapped in an echo chamber? Do feel like you are floating in filter bubbles? Why do we have to be careful to not absorb information through the lens of our own biases and assumptions?

Plunge into the world of alternative facts and learn to identify and define the language used to describe fake news. Become more conscious of the way you consume information and the media.

The following two presentations are there to help you re-evaluate your critical thinking and analysis skills. Not only will these handy tools serve you in your university life, but will also help you as an informed citizen and critical consumer of information.


Click on the links below to run the PowerPoint presentation shows.

Selected videos:

Online "filter bubbles" by Eli Pariser

Inoculation Theory 

Fake News Online Games

Go Viral!

Online infodemic game. Learn how to scrutinize coronavirus misinformation in a few minutes. Based on Cambridge University pre-bunking research.

Fake out

What do you do, if your social media feed has been infected by misinformation?

Bad News

Inoculation psychology at its finest. Establish fake credibility as a news site - you lose if you tell blatant lies or disappoint your supporters.

Harmony Square

A game that helps to unveil the manipulation techniques/tactics that bad actors apply to deceive their audience.

Fake or Foto

Can you spot the difference between genuine and computer-generated photos?


Presentation PDFs