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Dissertation and Final Project Support

Covered on this page: 

  • Research methods and design
  • Online Surveys
  • Subject specific resources

Research Methods and Design

Like the literature review, it is common to dedicate a chapter to the research methods and design in your dissertation. In this chapter you need to discuss the philosophical background of the research methodologies and tell about the methods that suit your study The image on the right displays some of these approaches and research strategies in layers. 

In this section you might need to design a data collection tool such as a survey or questionnaire. Some of the key considerations here are: 

  • Data Collection (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Sampling 
  • Timing
  • Ethical considerations (such as participants` consent, storage and share of collected data)


Online Surveys

At LSBU you can use JISC Online Surveys to collect your data online from your population. To obtain an Online Surveys account contact


Subject specific resources

Each academic field developed research methods that are more suitable to their subjects. Books are good resources to learn these research practices. Below you can see some examples of these books and you can search more on the library catalogue