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Dissertation and Final Project Support

Covered on this page: 

  • What do I need to know about referencing?
  • What is reference management software?
  • Why should I use it?
  • Which platform should I use?
  • I want to learn more...
  • I need more help...

What do I need to know about referencing?

Dissertations and projects often require you to consult a large number of sources, meaning that you really need to keep on top recording information and referencing it as you go along. 

What is reference management software?

Reference management is a programme that you can use to collect and store the reference information for sources you want to include in an essay or project. It can also 'do the work of referencing for you' by generating in-text citations and your reference list in a specified referencing style. 

Why should I use it?


  • It can help you keep on top of a large number of references (and therefore reduce your risk of forgetting something and plagiarising!)
  • It can minimise consistency errors in your citations and in-text references
  • It can save you time and effort by automatically generating a reference 

Things to consider:

  • You'll need to invest time learning how to use the software
  • You need to start using the software at the beginning of the research process to make using it time-effective
  • You still need to check the software's outputs, which means you need to be comfortable with manual referencing processes

Which platform should I use?

LSBU has a subscription to RefWorks and librarians can help you learn to use and troubleshoot problems you might have with this platform.

Other software such as EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero function in a similar way to RefWorks, and you might decide that you prefer using these platforms instead. However, the librarians will be less likely to answer questions or provide support using these alternate packages. 

I want to learn more...

Check out our comprehensive RefWorks guide below:

I need more help...

Live workshops:

We run regular online workshops on using RefWorks and the principles of different referencing styles - click here to see our calendar and book onto a session.

Recorded sessions:

Want to get hold of this training right away? You can watch the recording of our most recent session here.

1-2-1 appointments:

You can also book a 1-2-1 appointment with a librarian for help with referencing and/or RefWorks.

Online guides:

Got questions about your referencing style? Check our guides below: