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Dissertation and Final Project Support

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Covered on this page: 

  • How to use this guide
  • Information Skills Librarian and Digital Skills Trainer support mechanisms

How to use this guide 

  • This is a general guide prepared by the Information Skills Librarians and Digital Skills Trainer teams to help Level 6 and 7 students with the basics of organising, researching and writing a dissertation or research-based final project.
  • It is designed to bring advice, tips, resources and signposts to additional resources and support from other teams in the university into a single, easy-to-navigate place.
  • Use the menu on the left hand side to move through the content.

Please consult your module, course information and supervisor for subject-specific guidance.

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Information Skills Librarians and Digital Skills Trainers are here to help!

What do you need? Click the boxes to find the support mechanism that is right for you.

Read through this guide and our online help pages, including other how-to guides and your subject guide, then use our other support mechanisms as necessary below.

(E.g. getting access to an article, referencing a source, using a certain function in Microsoft Office) Email us at or

Join one of our open online workshops covering topics such as using LSBU Discovery, building a search strategy and referencing - they run during the day and in the evening!

Drop in to a face-to-face assignment surgery or our online Librarian Q&A sessions - they run during the day and in the evening and no prior booking is required. Find details on our workshop calendar. Keep an eye out for Dissertation Surgery events that are specific to your academic School, too.