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Dissertation and Final Project Support

Covered on this page: 

  • Data analysis and findings
  • Analysis tools
  • SPSS
  • NVivo

Data analysis and findings

Some academic subjects require data analysis in dissertations and final projects. There are two types of data that you might be collecting depending on your work.

  • Primary Data 

    This is usually the data collected by the researcher. If you are doing a dissertation, you are likely to be developing your data collection tool (see the previous section) and collecting your own data from a sample population or through an experiment.

  • Secondary Data  

    This is the data that is already collected and available to the researcher. This might be the data from previous research or institutions/companies or industry data from specialist databases.


Analysis Tools

The data analysis tools below are available to all students and staff at LSBU. If you need to install these programs to your computer follow the instructions down the page. 

  • Excel
  • SPSS
  • NVivo

To learn how to use these analysis tools and improve your skills, you can take the LinkedIn Learning courses below:


The SPSS® software platform offers advanced statistical analysis, a vast library of machine learning algorithms, text analysis, open source extensibility, integration with big data and seamless deployment into applications. 

SPSS version 27

If you are unable to download SPSS using the left-hand link below,  try the alternative link on the right:
Download SPSS 27 for Windows

Alternative access to SPSS 27 for Windows

Download SPSS 27 for Mac

Alternative access to SPSS 27 for Mac

SPSS Authorisation codes - Login using London South Bank University

SPSS version 26

Download SPSS 26 for Windows -access via AppsAnywhere

Download SPSS 26 for Mac

SPSS Authorisation codes - Login using London South Bank University

Getting started with SPSS - support via Digital Skills Centre Moodle site



A tool for organising and managing data. NVivo offers qualitative data analysis to assist with research projects.

Download NVivo 12 for Windows - 64bit

Download NVivo 12 for Mac

NVivo Licence key - Login using: London South Bank University


Getting started with NVivo - Online tutorials