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Student IT Support

Once you have finished your course, your IT accounts will be disabled and the data will be deleted according to the timescale below.

Once the accounts are deleted, you will not be able to access your files, your emails or any other university resources attached to these accounts.

The end date of your course

Library accounts

Please ensure you have returned all your library books and paid any outstanding fines.

Let the library know if you have lost any books. We will have to ask that you pay the replacement cost. If you then find the book, we can't give you a refund but you get to keep the book!

As an LSBU graduate, you will automatically become a member of LSBU Alumni and can continue to borrow books - see further details on how to access this opportunity on the LSBU Alumni website. Once you receive your Alumni Access Card we can transfer books from your student library account to your alumni library account.

The day after the end date of your course

All software packages downloaded onto personal devices

Any software you have installed on personal devices using LSBU student licences will cease to be authorised.

90 days after the end date of your course


After 90 days you will no longer be able to login to MyAccount. Please ensure you have downloaded any information you wish to keep to an external device or cloud storage. You can still get in touch by filling in the enquiry form.

One year following the end date of your course

Email account 

You have one year from your course end date to keep using your LSBU email account. Use this time to inform people of your new personal email address and to forward or save any emails and information that you wish to keep. If you have used your student email to register on any other platforms you will need to update this to your personal email. Do not leave it to the last minute, as you may forget or lose track of time!

Microsoft Office 365 installed on personal devices

All Microsoft Office programs that you have installed on personal devices will lose their functionality - you'll be able to access and read your files but not edit them. Microsoft will offer you the option to continue on the same basis as before once you have purchased a subscription.


Ensure you have transferred all files from your LSBU OneDrive account as this will not be accessible one year after you have left the university.


After one year, you will no longer be able to login to myLSBU. You can switch to the Alumni profile to keep accessing some features. You will need to register the first time you try to login using the Alumni profile.

Moodle VLE

Please download and save to an external device or cloud storage, any information related to your modules or assignments that you wish to keep.

Campus computers

If you would like to continue to use computers and printers on campus after this year, please contact LSBU Alumni Association for an Access card – free of charge! Then visit the Southwark Campus Library help desk for the visitor username and password.

Print credit

If you have any remaining credit attached to your LSBU print account, this can be transferred onto a Guest Print Card. You can then print from your own device or a campus computer using Webprint. Please ask at one of the library help desks.

LSBU Alumni

When you leave LSBU, we hope you will stay in touch via LSBU Alumni

Register for free and apply for an Access card in order to use selected facilities on campus.

Phone: 020 7815 6712