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LLR Student IT Support: Binding


If you need your documents or assignments bound, we have a variety of binders and files at our help desks. Come along and see what would be most suitable.

Self-service at the help desk

Heat Binding

Print your document and buy the heat binding from the our help desk on Level 03 of the Southwark Campus Library.

Perfect for last minute submissions!

Colours may vary.

See price list on this page.

pile of bound documents


Slide Binding

Print your document and come to our help desk to purchase a slide binder and plastic covers.

Slide binding enables you to add and remove pages. 

See price list on this page.

Plastic Slide Binders & Slide Binding Bars | JFK Binding

Self Service
Heat Binding Prices

Pages Cost
0 - 15 £2
16 - 40 £2.10
41 - 80 £2.20
81 - 120 £2.30
121 - 220 £2.40
221 - 340 £2.60

Self Service
Slide Binding Prices

Pages Cost
3 - 25 £0.40
20 - 40 £0.50
35 - 75 £0.60