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Student IT Support

While you are an LSBU student you get access to selected licensed software. These software packages can be downloaded to your own suitable devices for the duration of your studies. 

Virtual Desktop

You can access software you will need for your studies in a variety of ways, both on your personal device or using the devices on campus.

The best routes for you depends on the age of your device, how much storage the software takes, how often you need to use that software and whether you are on Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Virtual Desktop

The main software can be remotely accessed via our Student Virtual Desktop.

Once you download that virtual desktop you do not then need to download each item.

  • This allows MacOS users to run more specialist Windows software such as Visio and Project.
  • This allows older laptops to run more high performance software - SPSS, Rhino7, AutoCAD.


Downloading of Software

Software you use often can be downloaded and run on your personal device from downloading from our options here or via Apps Anywhere, where you can view the full range.

  • Please note that MacOS users will not get usage of all Windows software such as Visio or Project in this method.

Streaming of software

A large range of software can be streamed to your personal device via AppsAnywhere. This is a good option for many students who do not use the software often or who do not have a powerful laptop.

  • For more complex applications, such as SPSS, Rhino7, AutoCAD, streaming on AppsAnywhere will still require students having a modern high-end laptop.


GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN)

GlobalProtect is required to access many resources and services from off-campus. For example, applications on AppsAnywhere, your library account and online library e-resources including past exam papers.

The service can be downloaded below - sign in using your LSBU username and password.

To use Global Protect on a mobile phone, tablet or Chromebook you will need to download the Global Protect app from the App store or Google Play store.

Global Protect VPN

For full instructions please see our help sheet.

Microsoft Office 365

Download Microsoft Office 365 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.
Install on up to 5 devices.

Download Microsoft Office 365+

Microsoft OneDrive storage

OneDrive is a web-based file storage system that provides 1 TB (Terabyte) of online storage space and is part of Microsoft Office 365. Share your files across your desktop, laptop and mobile devices and access your files from anywhere.


Microsoft Teams

Before you use Microsoft Teams

Be aware of your responsibilities for keeping LSBU secure, looking after your data and ensuring that you are safe. Always be wary of who you choose to share data with, especially using a collaborative tool which makes it easier for team and cross-team working.

Think - is your document confidential or in other ways sensitive? Is it safe to be shared in a Team or in a post?

Please take a moment to read through the ICT Security Policy for students below.

Download MS Teams on your desktop/laptop computer

  1. Click on link below.
  2. Choose to download Desktop or Mobile
  3. Download and install
  4. Sign in with your LSBU email address and password

Download Microsoft Teams

Download MS Teams for your phone or tablet

App store   For Apple devices

Google Play store   For Android devices

Simply download and sign in!

Access MS Teams web version

 This has less features than the Desktop version.
  1. Click on link below.
  2. When prompted, enter your LSBU email address and LSBU password
  3. Click on the icon for MS Teams


Panopto lecture capture software

Students can login to Panopto directly to access online lectures.

                              Panopto Online

Sophos Home Anti-Virus

Sophos Home is the security solution to defend all of your devices. From ransomware protection to AI malware detection with deep learning, protect all your devices - PCs, Macs, IOS and Android devices.

Follow the instructions below to get a free copy of the Sophos Anti-Virus product, on up to 10 devices, courtesy of LSBU Cyber Security.

Get Sophos Home


  1. Type in your LSBU email address to verify eligibility - ensure you type this correctly
  2. A unique code and download link will be sent to your LSBU email account.
  3. Follow the steps to create your new account, register for and download Sophos security on your own devices.
  4. Use your personal email address for account creation and registration.

  Get Sophos Home

Once downloaded, this software is maintained and supported by Sophos.

Sophos FAQs for any questions about installation or configuration.