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APA Referencing, How-to-Guide

Referencing conference proceedings.

(Any conference proceeding found on one of the LSBU databases can be treated as a print conference proceeding)


Author’s Surname, Initials. (Year, Month Date). Title of paper. Title of Conference, 9 Location. DOI if available.


Belhassein, K., Cochet, H., Clodic, A., Guidetti, M., & Alami, R. (2019, July). From children to robots: How the parallel with

developmental psychology can improve human-robot joint activities. Joint Action Meeting, Gênes, Italy.


Referencing a conference paper found online. 


Author’s Surname, Initials. (Year, Month). Title of paper. Title of Conference, Location. DOI if available or URL.


Ford, D., Milewicz, R., & Serebrenik, A. (2019, May 27). How remote work can foster a more inclusive environment for

transgender developers. 2nd International Workshop on Gender Equality in Software Engineering (GE), Montreal, Canada.