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APA Referencing, How-to-Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IMPORTANT - Consult your lecturer to assess whether they will allow you to use AI for your assignment. If they do,  they may require you to provide a copy of the AI work as an appendix to your work.

If the AI’s end product (for example use of ChatGPT in conversation) is only available to you, cite this as a personal communication and include a description of the AI generated material in your in-text citation.


Author of AI program. (Year of creation). Name of AI (Version) [Description of program]. Publisher. URL

Reference list:

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (May 12 version) [Large language model].

In-text citation example:

When prompted by the author, ChatGPT responded with a ‘definition of academic integrity’ (OpenAI, 2023). A copy of this response is in Appendix 1.