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APA Referencing, How-to-Guide

Web page with author.


Author’s Surname, Initials or name of organisation. (Year published or last update, date month – if available).

Title of web page/document. URL


Coughlan, S. (2019, 29 October). Narcissists 'horrible people but happy'.


Web page with no author.

If there is no author and no date, the webpage might not be the best source to use to support a piece of coursework because there is no way to confirm who wrote the information or when it was posted.

If there is no author, start the reference with the title of the web page or document.


Title of web page or web document. (Year published or last update, date month – if available). URL


Mind bending facts about human psychology. (2020).


Web page with no date.

If there is no publication date or last update information, put (n.d.). You need to add the date you accessed the web page too.


National Down Syndrome Society. (n.d.). Associated conditions. Retrieved October 19, 2019, from