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APA Referencing, How-to-Guide


Image: Craig Duffy CC-BY-NC


Director’s Surname, Initials. (Director), & Producer’s Surname, Initials or name of organisation. (Producer). (Year).

Title of film [Medium]. Studio.


Demme, J. (Director), & Demme, J., Armian, N., & Platt, M. E. (Producers). (2008). Rachel getting married [Motion picture].

Sony Pictures Classics.


TV or radio broadcasts.


Writer’s Surname, Initials. (Writer), & Director’s Surname, Initials. (Director). (Year). Title of broadcast

[Type of broadcast]. Channel.


Robbins, A. (Director). (2012). Psychedelic visions: A history of LSD [Television programme]. BBC4.


Online video (for example YouTube, TED Talks etc).

If the video is part of a series e.g. a video blog entry, don’t italicise the title. If it’s a standalone video then put the title in italics.


Producer’s Surname, Initials. (Year, month day). Title of video [Format] Site name. URL 


Stanford Humanities. (2011, August 4). The art of living – R Lanier Anderson [video] YouTube.


TED. (2012, March 16). Brene Brown: Listening to shame [video]. TED Talks.