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Student IT Support

Your LSBU email address and password give you access to the following platforms and resources.

Note: There may be a 24hr delay following enrolment before access to the Moodle VLE is activated and a 48hr delay before your personalised timetable is available.

Please remember to keep your password secure - do not share it with anyone.


myLSBU - Student portal 

This is the place to start finding information about studying at LSBU and university life. Here you'll find links to all the different learning platforms as well as the library and MyAccount. You'll find info about your campus and where to grab a bite to eat or a drink. 

Download the myLSBU app on Android or Apple devices

(Login with email address and password)

Moodle - Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

You will find all your course based information on Moodle. Academics will post notes, videos and resources and links to lecture and classes which are held in Microsoft Teams. See our quick guide

Login using blue button on left-hand side of login window, use your email address and password.


Your timetable and next sessions are available to you on the myLSBU student portal. If something is missing or incorrect on your timetable, contact Course Support via My Account.

Student email account

All university correspondence should go through your LSBU email account. Make sure to check it regularly for important updates from academic staff as well as other university news and information.

Login with email address and password. You can also access your LSBU email via myLSBU student portal


One place for all your questions and enquiries. First stop for FAQs - got a question, check out the FAQs first. Then if you need help with anything, from finance, wellbeing or library and IT support, login and book an appointment or raise an enquiry. You will be able to track your enquiries and see when someone has responded or the case has been resolved for you.

Login with email address and password. You can also access My Account via myLSBU student portal

Library account

Your library account enables you to access books and e-resources in our libraries. Use the self-issue terminals in our libraries to borrow books. Login to your library account to see what books you have on loan, create favourites lists and more. 

Login with just your username and password

Microsoft Teams

Connect with your academics and your class mates via Teams. All online lectures and classes will take place on Teams and you can use it for group work and discussions. 

Login with email address and password. You can also access Microsoft Teams via myLSBU student portal


As a student you can connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network. Use your LSBU email address and password to connect your devices while on campus. See our help sheet.

Our halls of residence have their own Wi-Fi network for you to connect your home from home devices.

View our Wi-Fi webpage for more information on which network to use for which devices.

Microsoft Office 365

Download Microsoft Office 365 to your personal computer and mobile devices. Access fully licenced Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to use while you are a student. See our help sheet. 

Login with email address and password


Store your files and personal data in the cloud. Share your files across your desktop, laptop and mobile devices and access your files from anywhere. All LSBU students have 1 TB of storage space. See our help sheet. 

Login with email address and password


Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are available throughout our campuses. These allow you to print, scan or photocopy. There is a charge for printing and photocopying.

We also have 2 large format printers in the Computer Labs in the LSBU Hub, for printing large designs or posters. Find out all you need to know on the Printing pages of our website.

Tap your student ID card and use your username and password to login first time.


AppsAnywhere is an ‘app store’ for accessing university software. It is available on university computers and you can also access it from your own PC or Windows based laptop off-campus. Further information.

Login with username and password

Downloadable software

While you are an LSBU student you get access to selected licensed software. These software packages can be downloaded to your own suitable devices for the duration of your studies. See the Software page on our website.

Linkedin Learning

Access to the online learning platform with over 13000 video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. For further information, visit the Digital Skills Centre website. 

Login with email address and password.

  See our help sheets for further information

Password setup and reset

If you are a new student who has been given your LSBU email address and a temporary password, follow this link for instructions on how to setup your IT account.

If you are an existing student and can no longer login to any of these platforms, follow the link below and try to reset your password. If it doesn't work, get in touch with us.

Password reset